• In the hemogram, leukocytosis, neutrophilia with a shift to the left, an increase in ESR are noted.

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    The isolation of the pathogen is carried out in specialized regime laboratories for working with pathogens of especially dangerous infections.

    Studies are carried out to confirm clinically pronounced cases of cost coumadin, as well as to examine people with fever who are in the focus of infection. Material from the sick and dead is subjected to bacteriological examination: punctates from buboes and carbuncles, discharge of ulcers, sputum and mucus from the oropharynx, blood. The passage is carried out on laboratory animals (guinea pigs, white mice) that die on the 5-7th day after infection.

    According to historians, no one survived in Caesarea. In Naples, about 60 thousand people died, in Genoa - 40 thousand (50% of the population), in Venice - 100 thousand (70%), in London - nine-tenths of the population. The living did not have time to bury the dead. In total in the XIV century. More than 50 million people died from this disease.

    Epidemiological surveillance The volume, nature and direction of preventive measures determine the forecast of the epizootic and epidemic situation for plague in specific natural foci, taking into account the datatracking the movement of morbidity in all countries of the world. All countries are required to report to WHO on the occurrence of plague, the movement of diseases, epizootics among rodents and measures to combat infection. The system of certification of natural plague foci has been developed and is functioning in the country, which made it possible to carry out epidemiological zoning of the territory.

    Preventive measures In the complex of measures for the prevention and control of plague, a decisive role belongs to measures that exclude the importation of infection from other countries and prevent the occurrence of diseases in enzootic foci. To prevent the importation of warfarin drug from other countries, strict observance by all countries of international sanitary rules is of great importance.

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    In enzootic foci, anti-plague measures include monitoring the species composition and abundance of rodents, examining rodents and their ectoparasites for infection with the plague bacillus. When an epizootic is detected, deratization and pest control measures are carried out in one volume or another.

    Synanthropic rodents are exterminated without identifying plague patients among them, if their number exceeds 15% of falling into traps. Rodents and ectoparasites in the field and around settlements are destroyed by anti-plague institutions, and in settlements - deratization and pest control departments of the Centers for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance. Indications for preventive immunization of the population are the epizootic of plague among rodents, the identification of plague-stricken domestic animals and the possibility of importation of infection by a sick person.

    Depending on the epidemic situation, vaccination is carried out in a strictly defined area for the entire population (without exception) and selectively especially threatened contingents - persons who have a permanent or temporary connection with the territories where an epizootic is observed (livestock breeders, agronomists, hunters, purveyors, geologists, archaeologists, etc.). d.).

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    All medical institutions should have a certain stock of medicines and means of personal protection and prevention, as well as a scheme for alerting personnel and transmitting information vertically, in case a plague patient is detected. Measures to prevent infection of people with plague in enzootic areas, persons working with pathogens of especially dangerous infections, as well as prevention of the spread of infection beyond the foci to other regions of the country are carried out by anti-plague and other health care institutions.

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    Measures in the epidemic focus When a patient with plague or suspected of this infection appears, urgent measures are taken to localize and eliminate the focus. The boundaries of the territory where certain restrictive measures (quarantine) are introduced are determined based on the specific epidemiological and epizootological situation, possible active factors of infection transmission, sanitary and hygienic conditions, the intensity of population migration and transport links with other territories. General management of all activities in the focus of the plague is carried out by the Extraordinary Anti-Epidemic Commission. At the same time, the anti-epidemic regime with the use of anti-plague suits is strictly observed.

    There are three colossal pandemics in the history of the plague.

    Quarantine is introduced by the decision of the Extraordinary Anti-Epidemiological Commission, covering the entire territory of the outbreak. Plague patients and patients with suspicion of this disease are hospitalized in specially organized hospitals. Transportation of coumadin patient must be carried out in accordance with the current sanitary rules for biological safety. Patients with bubonic plague are placed in several people in a ward, patients with a pulmonary form are placed only in separate wards. Discharge patients with bubonic plague not earlier than 4 weeks, with pulmonary - not earlier than 6 weeks from the day of clinical recovery and negative results of bacteriological examination. After the patient is discharged from the hospital, medical observation is established for him for 3 months.


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    Photo 1a - map of the spread of bubonic plague in the Middle Ages.

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